About us


cervus nuclear consulting provides expertise for nuclear safety and security. This includes the assessment of safety of nuclear power plants, the elaboration and application of safety standards and –targets, issues of nuclear waste management and questions of vulnerability of nuclear installations to malicious acts.


cervus nuclear consulting was founded by Dr. Helmut Hirsch. Since 1975, Dr. Hirsch is working on nuclear subjects. He has been acting for several governments and non-governmental organizations, since 1997 as a self-employed consultant. Based on this professional activity, cervus nuclear consulting was founded in 2010/11 with a core team of four persons, supported by a network of competent partners. Thus, we can also execute comprehensive projects which require a higher working capacity.

For the main part, cervus nuclear consulting is active on the European level. Clients include governments, environmental associations and other institutions.


Thereby, the most important and highest target is the permanent improvement of nuclear safety - regarding nuclear power plants, as far as they are still operating, and radioactive waste. The frequently used catch phrase “safety over economy“ has to be more than a general expression of intent. Every vendor, operator, regulatory authority and technical support organization has to act on this basic principle. Considering this, decommissioning of nuclear power plants in case of safety deficits which cannot be remedied should not be off-limits.