Malicous Acts and Nuclear Facilities


The vulnerability of nuclear facilities to malicious human acts is a topic receiving increased attention in professional circles as well as by the public since September 11, 2001.


There is a global problem behind this threat. For the analysis of its history and its current manifestations, as well as for the planning of countermeasures, it is necessary to consider political, economic and cultural aspects in a broad approach. This problem cannot be solved by technical means; it would be wrong to count primarily on technical countermeasures.

Nevertheless, the threats of attacks and sabotage are real and it is necessary, for the immediate protection of the population, to face them also on the technical level.

cervus nuclear consulting therefore is studying the vulnerability of nuclear facilities against malicious human acts, and possible measures to reduce the vulnerability of such installations.

The public's right to factual, up-to-date information concerning these hazards has to be guaranteed. Care must be taken, however, not to publish information which could in any way provide instructions and be "helpful" in the planning and execution of malicious acts.